Flower Shops

In MILLINOCKET we have florists who have skilled arrangers that are highly qualified to suit your floral arrangement needs. Most offering after hour services so if at the last moment you would like a arrangement all you have to do is call. The flower selections that these florist have created have received great reviews from the local population and their sympathy arrangements are colourful and give you something to remember.

 East Millinocket

The Forget Me Not Shoppe  
117 Main Street East Millinocket ME 04430
Phone: 207-746-9250


Jandreau's Floral Shop  
200 Iron Bridge Road Millinocket ME 04462
Phone: 207-723-6332
Email: floral@gwi.net
Millinocket Floral  
97 Penobscot Ave. Millinocket ME 04462
Phone: 800-734-9016
Website: http://millinocketfloral.com

11 TAMARACK STREET | MILLINOCKET, ME 04462 | Phone: (207) 723-4000 | Fax: (207) 723-8740 | Email: chiplamson@lamsonfh.com